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Get access to our AI sports betting and turn your sports bets into a consistent new revenue stream.

AI Sports Betting Winning Percentages

Our Artificial Intelligence team maximizes our historical betting data by coupling it with machine-learning technology to generate winning predictions across multiple sports. Here are some of the historical winning percentages generated by our AI Sports Betting.

NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball

Verified Winners

Sports Bets AI utilizes the Action Network app to prove the results behind our Artificial Intelligence sports betting algorithms. All of our AI sports betting picks in the Action app are verified results.

Artificial Intelligence and Sports Betting

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in sports betting to help identify and analyze patterns, trends, and data in order to make more accurate predictions and decisions. Here are some ways AI can be used in sports betting:

  1. Data analysis: AI algorithms can process large amounts of data in a short time, allowing for more accurate predictions based on statistical analysis. This data can include team performance metrics, player statistics, and even social media sentiment analysis.
  2. Machine learning: AI can be trained on historical data to recognize patterns and trends. For example, an AI algorithm could learn to recognize that certain teams tend to perform better in certain weather conditions or against certain opponents.

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